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Dress to Impress - know your Body Shape and its Type!


Why does one need to understand their Body type and its divergence with body shapes?

Knowing and understanding your body shape is the most important factor in choosing the right clothing for oneself. It will help you shop smarter, get dressed easier, and look more stylish and polished so that you will always feel confident in your clothes.

So, let’s Grab a beverage and get started!

What Are Body Types - 

Body types can be understood as the general disposition of a person relating to their structure and body mass, which helps shape the body in a certain way. There are 3 categories of body types. 

  1. Ectomorph: Characterized as a lean and slender body type, with a low amount of body fat and fast metabolism with smaller bone structure.
  2. Mesomorph: Mesomorphs have a more athletic build, a moderate amount of body fat, and a higher muscle mass with medium-sized bone structure and can build muscle relatively easily. 
  3. Endomorph: Endomorphs have a larger body frame and a higher amount of body fat. With a slower metabolism, they can find it more challenging to lose weight than other body types.

While these body types are commonly used to describe both genders, there are factors that affect every person’s formation of body types individually. Factors such as genetics, age, and lifestyle habits also play a role in determining a person's body type. 

What Are the Different Body Shapes? 

By "Body Shape” one can describe it as the curvaceous structure of a person based on the amount of fat present within their body. There are 5 major body shapes - apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle and oval. Let's discover your body shape and how to dress it better to look more stylish and be confident. 


  • Apple-shaped
Custom Dress| Custom Made Dress| Tailored Dress



·  Emphasize your legs

·  Avoid highlighting your upper body by wearing layered/ bulky tops

·  Choose tops with a V-neckline

·  Avoid tops with high necklines

·  Try and accentuate your curves by wearing more structured tops

·  Avoid tight-fitting clothes that cling to your midsection

·  Accentuate your neck with jewellery and scarves

·  Avoid wearing belts around  your waist


  • Pear-shaped
Custom Dress| Custom Made Dress| Tailored Dress



·  enhance and accentuate the upper body

·  Avoid longer length tops

·  Choose bottoms that flatter your shape

·  Avoid skinny jeans that define your lower body

·  opt for high-waisted styles Emphasizing your waist

·  Avoid bigger prints on bottoms

·  Accessorize in a way that takes away the eyes from your hips and thighs.

·  Avoid low waist bottoms


  • Hourglass-shaped
Custom Dress| Custom Made Dress| Tailored Dress



·  Emphasize your waistline

·  Avoid silhouettes that hide your waistline or your curves

·  Wear custom-tailored clothing to get the perfect fitted clothes

·  Avoid creating an imbalance between upper and lower body

·  Highlight your assets like the bust and shapely hips

·  Avoid baggy and shapeless clothes

·  opt for fabrics that will accentuate your curves

·  Avoid fabrics that can add bulk to your curves and hide them


  • Rectangle-shaped
Custom Dress| Custom Made Dress| Tailored Dress



·  Create the illusion of curves

·  Avoid boxy or loose-fitting clothes

·  Define your waistline

·  Avoid too tight clothes as well

·  Use layers to add dimension

·  Avoid highlighting just one part of the body, focus on an overall enhancement

·  belt or a scarf to create the illusion of a defined waistline. 

·  Simple and plain looks. Play with patterns and prints.


  • Oval-shaped 
Custom Dress| Custom Made Dress| Tailored Dress



·  Choose uppers that elongate your torso

·  Avoid belts and pleated bottoms

·  straight or slim cut pants

·  Avoid horizontal lines

·  Wear  shirts with vertical lines

·  Highlight your midsection

  •  Wear clothes that fit well

·  Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose


These body shapes are not exhaustive, and individuals may not fit neatly into one specific shape. Every person is their own with various needs and individual identities and some people might be a combination of these enlisted body shapes.

 They can, however, change with time due to changes in one’s lifestyle or due to even aging of a person as well. It's essential to focus on overall health and well-being rather than conforming to a particular body shape or societal beauty standards.

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