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How To Make Colours Work For Your Skin Undertones

Remember those childhood birthday photos where you are rocking that quirky dress and weird hairstyle? All thanks to our very own personal stylist, a.k.a mom

Now, as adults with an advanced fashion sense, we understand our body shape, the type of clothes that suits us, and colours.

Wait. What? 



Colours can truly level up your styling game. They are like the secret sauce in fashion- they have the power to make you stand out and radiate with confidence. 

But there’s a catch. 

Not every colour will have that magical touch for you. It's up to you to uncover the shades that truly light up your skin tone (and no, we're not talking about fairness here).

Let’s dive into the world of colours and how we can make them harmonise with our unique skin tones - 

Skin Undertone - 

First thing first - What is a skin undertone?

Skin undertone is all about those subtle hints of cool, warm, or natural shades hiding beneath your skin which is different from skin complexion. Knowing your undertone is like having a cheat code to look your absolute best in any outfit.  

Coming to our next question - 

How can I find my undertone?

There are 3 main types of undertones - warm, cool, and neutral. There are some simple skin undertone tests that can help you figure out which category you fall in - 

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Vein Test

Take a look at the veins on the underside of your wrist.

Custom Dress Custom Made Dress Tailored Dress

Warm undertone:  If they appear slightly greenish or olive colour. 

Cool undertone: If it gives a shade of blue or purple, you have cool undertone skin

Neutral undertone: If you can’t decide if it is greenish or blue, then you probably have neutral undertones. 

Sun Reaction

Custom Dress Custom Made Dress Tailored Dress


Pay attention to how your skin reacts under the sun. If you tend to tan easily then you probably have warm-toned skin. On the other hand, if you burn easily or go all pink and red whenever under the sun then you have cool-toned skin. 

Jewellery Test 

Custom Dress Custom Made Dress Tailored Dress

Hold both gold and silver jewellery to your neck and notice which one compliments your skin. You have a cool skin tone if silver suits you better and a golden (warm) skin tone if gold looks flattering on you. If you are rocking both the jewellery then it is a neutral skin tone (quite a flex!).

How to choose colours for your undertones - 

Now that you have cracked the code on your skin undertone, it's time to discover which colours will make you shine like a diamond. 

Warm undertone skin -

Custom Dress Custom Made Dress Tailored Dress

Deepika Padukone embraces her warm undertone with the right colours


Beauties with golden undertones, you should rock shades that bring out your natural warmth and glow!  Mustard yellow is your go-to for vibrant feels, while coral adds that fiery pop you love! If looking for something softer, peach colour can be your best friend. You can also try terracotta, olive colour, rust orange, and copper. 

If you are feeling particularly adventurous and bold play with attention-grabbing colours like - electric blue, neon orange, deep purple, and crimson red. 

Avoid colours like Cool-toned pastels, lavender, pale pastel yellow, and cool greys are some colours you should avoid as they wash out your skin.  

You can choose from a wide colour collection available at WearVega. Here, you can also enjoy size-inclusive clothes and tailored dresses customised to fit you like a dream. So, go ahead and flaunt those golden undertones and own every shade that makes you shine like a goddess.   


Cool undertone skin - 

Custom Dress Custom Made Dress Tailored Dress

Kareena Kapoor flaunting her cool undertone with perfect colours 


Shades like royal blue and mint green can add a splash of freshness to your look. Oh! And don’t forget about lavender - it’s like a dreamy match made just for your skin tone. You can also try cool lilac, silver, icy pastels, and deep pink.

Try out these bold colours to make every head turn - fuschia pink, Amethyst Purple, and magenta. 

You might want to watch out for colours like - warm earth tones, yellow-greens, orange yellows, and coral colours as they do not look very good with your skin tone. 

Go shop for all these colours at WearVega. It’s a treat for all the inclusive fashion enthusiasts. 


Neutral undertone skin - 

Custom Dress Custom Made Dress Tailored Dress

Rock your neutral undertone like Selena Gomez 


If you have got that awesome neutral undertone rocking your skin, you’re in for a colour extravaganza. Try blush pink which adds a touch of femininity to your looks. You can play with colours like olive green, dusty rose, chocolate brown, or soft gold. But colours like reds, yellow, or anything too bright might be overwhelming for your skin. Avoid very pale or muted colours that can make you appear washed out.  


Embrace your skin undertone and be ready to conquer the world of colours. Whether you're going for a subtle elegance or a bold statement, the colours you choose can truly reflect your personality. 

Explore on WearVega and find the perfect shades of pre wedding photoshoot gowns and baby shower dresses that suit your undertone and skin type. What's even better? We offer free online consultations to assist you in your exciting exploration of colours. 

Why wait? Book your free consultation now

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