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How to take body measurements through clothing?

Remember that dress that makes you feel like a million bucks? You just can't get enough of it, right? Well, that's because it fits you like a glove – it's your perfect size! 

Clothes are meant to make you feel beautiful and confident. But for that, you need to know your exact body measurements. It is like getting hands on some secret formula for styling success. If you are still not convinced of the importance of knowing your correct body measurements you can read our blog on “Body Measurements: A Roadmap to Personal Style.” 

But if you are someone who finds handling measuring tape a tedious task, you can still get your perfect fit. 

Want to know how?

So let’s start-

How to measure yourself through clothing?

Using a shirt/T-shirt/top image - 

Yes, you read it right!

That comfy t-shirt of yours can be useful in measuring your body size. You do not have to worry about fetching a measuring tape and noting down your measurements. 

Everything has been made easy by today’s fast-evolving technology same is true with fashion. We can click and share the image of a garment that fits perfectly. Then artificial intelligence/machine learning and photo processing technologies can accurately capture the measurements of that garment. 

We at WearVega, use this technique to help you achieve that ideal fit effortlessly.

Here is how it works- Simply fill out this form with accurate details and you are good to go! You are then ready to look pretty in your perfect fit and shine like a diamond. 

By measuring your shirts/tops - 

If you are a bit skeptical of technology, we have alternative solutions for you. One way could be to - directly measure yourself with a measuring tape. Read our blog on Measuring tape - a tool of accuracy” for step by step guide. 

Another way could be to measure your best-fitting clothes to determine your measurements. Say, you have to take measurements of a shirt. Lay it down on the bed and measure the shoulders from the backside of that shirt with a measuring tape. Note down the number. Similarly, you can take measurements of the chest, waist, bottom, and neck.



Or you can follow the straightforward instructions in this WearVega form and provide the correct dimensions of your clothes including shoulders, chest, waist, and neck. Then we will provide you with custom-made clothing that will fit you like a dream. 

Isn’t it easy?

Send us your shirt/top - 

Now, if you would rather leave all to us simply send us your best-fitted clothes and we will take care of the rest. The best part - we will even arrange for a hassle-free pick-up right from your doorstep. Just fill out the form and provide us with some basic information.

If you want to use other modern ways of sizing yourself like a questionnaire or taking photos of yourself to determine your size with a  body visualizer, read our blog on How to take perfect body measurements. 

Don’t wait any longer - take the first step to perfectly fitted clothes today and make heads turn. With WearVega that dream is just a click away.

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