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How To Take Perfect Body Measurements

In today’s fast-evolving world, our methods for understanding and assessing our bodies must also evolve. If you are wondering why is knowing your perfect body measurement a big deal, read our blog on Body Measurements: A Roadmap to Personal Style

Let’s talk about some modern methods and alternatives that can help us in getting our perfect fit.

How to take body measurements?

Body Measurement through Pictures- 

Imagine snapping a few photos to determine your body measurements. Sounds cool, right? Well, it is! Here’s how it works -

You will need to take full-body pictures from two angles:

  • Front View
  • Side View

No red carpet poses, just be natural with your hands and legs together closely when taking the side view. For the front view keep your hands 45 degrees apart. Make sure you are wearing tight-fitting clothes. These pictures can then be analyzed to estimate body measurements using specialized software like a body visualizer or manual measurement techniques. Certain features of the body, such as shoulder width, waist circumference, and hip width, can be approximated based on the images. 



As fast and convenient as this method is there lies a catch - it is not as precise as the traditional body tape measurements. Factors like image quality, camera angles, and posture can affect the accuracy.  

Body Measurements through Questionnaires-

Now, let’s discuss the power of questionnaires. Yep, a simple Q&A session can help gauge your body measurements. 

For this, you will have to answer a series of questions about your body dimensions. Height, weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, and even clothing size come into play. You can provide your measurements based on your own perception or use body measurement tape to get the numbers right. 

WearVega provides a ‘Body Measurement Questionnaire’ which basically records your measurement figures and assesses your body type and shape which helps in advising you regarding enhancing your fashion and style. 

But remember, while this method is convenient and can provide a general overview, it relies on individuals accurately reporting their measurements, which may introduce some level of error or inconsistency.

Still confused? Don't worry we can help you out. 

At WearVega, we offer free online consultation to enhance your fashion choices. By analyzing your preferences and personal style, we advice custom clothes based on your body shape and body measurements. 



So, what’s the verdict?

In the battle of modern versus traditional, these alternative methods may not offer the same level of accuracy as the tried-and-tested body measurement tape. So if you are someone who likes to do things in old fashion ways, read our blog on "Measuring Tape: A tool of accuracy." This blog will guide you in mastering the art of using "measuring tape." 

But here’s the thing: They are practical and can save the day when you cannot get your hands on measuring tape or when you’re dealing with a massive amount of data. 

Also, when using picture-based or questionnaire-based measurements, it's important to understand the purpose and limitations of the data collection.  Additionally, it's advisable to combine these methods with other relevant information or validation techniques to enhance accuracy and reliability.

Another easy way to determine your body size is to measure clothing that fits you perfectly. Explore our blog on How to take body measurements through clothing?to know more. 

So, whether you strike a pose or fill out a questionnaire, embrace these new ways of recording measurements of your body. They might just be the solution you need in today’s modern world. 

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