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Body Positivity and How Custom Clothing is Leading the Change

“Are you sure you want to eat that?”

“Oh! You look ‘healthy’ in that dress”

“I don’t think you should wear that.”

These are just a few examples of the daily unsolicited comments that many of us face. The weight of other people’s opinions and advice weighs us down, making it hard to love ourselves and leading to the ultimate loss of self-confidence. It starts with others making a harmless joke on our bodies and ends with us hating our reflection. 

But we need to take a moment, pause, and question ourselves -  Who are these people? Do their opinions matter? Who even decided what was beautiful and what was not? 

In today’s world where people are becoming increasingly self-aware and woke, body positivity is a new trend that seems to be gaining a lot of attention. 

What is Body Positivity?

It is a social movement asserting the acceptance of every body irrespective of size, shape, and all other categories that society has divided humans into. 

It is a legitimate movement that has its roots in the fat acceptance movement in the late 1960s. It aims to challenge unrealistic beauty standards and advocate self-love. However, like all other movements, it was not immune to misconceptions and false rumors. Some critics argue that the body positivity movement promotes obesity and toxicity.

Why is Body Positivity Important?

Mattel's iconic Barbie doll, born in 1959, has been the symbol of aspirations for generations. In the innocence of childhood numerous little girls, myself included, have spent countless hours imagining embodying the ‘perfect figure’ of the plastic doll (which is biologically impossible to attain). 

These little girls grow up to be insecure and start to hide behind cushions and sweatshirts. The body image issue starts to affect their mental health and leads to eating disorders and anxiety. 

custom made dress tailored dress custom dress

Fortunately, the times have changed and people have become open to the idea of embracing themselves. The impact of this shift is profound. Social media is filled with accounts promoting body acceptance. Many celebrities like Lizzo are speaking up and utilizing their platform to change the narratives. 

The most important change is that women have started wearing whatever they want to and not sticking to clothes that hide their bodies. Custom-made dresses are a powerful contributor to this transformation. 

Body Positivity and Custom Clothing 

Fashion has always been the canvas to express ourselves. It is how we can flaunt our individuality. Gone are the times when women felt confined by societal rules dictating what they should wear according to their body sizes. 

Though several companies offer clothing for plus-size women, they are very expensive. The prevalence of the ‘fat tax’ takes the prices up, creating a financial barrier for many making fashionable and inclusive choices less accessible. 

This is a problem solved by custom clothing. To those who are wondering what custom clothing is - It is clothes that are made for your body measurements and style ensuring a perfect fit. They are like regular clothes but special because they are made for you.

Bespoke fashion and custom dresses have revolutionized the way people perceive fashion. You can now find a perfectly fitted classy black dress in everybody’s wardrobe irrespective of their body size. 


How Custom Dresses are Leading the Change? 

Off-the-rack clothing lacks size diversity forcing women to fit into predefined molds. Custom dresses are tailored to your unique body shape and size so you no longer have to squeeze into the wrong sizes. Not only does a custom fit guarantee comfort, but it also elevates your entire look and gives you a confidence boost. 

Brands like WearVega offer customization options in all their outfits. It gives you the chance to choose, for instance, if you like a dress but want to change the sleeve length you can! It provides you the opportunity to choose your style. 

Bespoke fashion can come truly handy when it’s your big day and you don’t want to settle for anything less than perfect. Whether it’s shopping for your pre-wedding photoshoot gowns or baby shower dresses, you can custom-make your dresses for your size. When the dress is tailor-made for you, it will hug you in all the right places and fit you like a glove. 

Another reason for opting for custom clothing is its contribution to another movement - sustainability. Mass-produced clothes often lead to overproduction and unsold inventory, which eventually ends up in landfills. With customization, clothing is created on-demand, precisely tailored to your measurements, drastically minimizing excess production and waste.

When the dress is of their preference people tend to wear them for a longer time. This reduces the frequency of shopping for new clothes, thereby reducing the negative environmental impact associated with constant production. This is how they contribute to a more sustainable fashion landscape. Custom clothing minimizes waste, encourages ethical production practices, and fosters a mindset of mindful consumption. 

Conclusion - 

tailored dress custom made dress custom dress

The body positivity movement has changed the way women perceive themselves. They are becoming more accepting of themselves fostering self-confidence. The only thing worrying plus-size women was finding the right-sized clothes which has been solved by tailored dresses. 

It has inculcated the right attitude in women - “This is me, take it or leave it”. Those so-called ‘flaws’ are not flaws at all, they are what makes us all unique - brushstrokes in the masterpiece that is you. 

So ladies, continue being unapologetically you and keep challenging those stereotypes! Because in the grand scheme of things, the only opinion that truly matters is the one you have of yourself.

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